Saturday, April 18, 2015

Two Weeks? TWO WEEKS?

This past week behaved much like every other week I've had here - it got away from me in a hurry!  On Sunday, I got up and had some of the continental breakfast.  Later in the morning, I got a ride to church.  It was really nice going back to Calvary Bible Church after having not been there the last couple weeks!  The sermon was nice, and I enjoyed it!  A little while after the service let out, I got a ride home.  I made myself some lunch, and then I think I relaxed for a while.  In the afternoon, however, I finished up writing my story for my pitch in Development class.  Then I practiced it several times.  I'm glad I took the time to practice - the time limit was 5 minutes, and my first try at the pitch lasted 14 minutes!  Over the next several tries, I managed to gather my thoughts and get rid of some unnecessary portions.  I practiced it a bunch more, but it seemed like I was consistently falling in a range of 5-6 minutes.  I eventually decided that was good enough.  I took some breaks in between to eat dinner and do a few other things, so it was late by the time I was done.  I never got started on my final paper for that class, but I was prepared if I needed to pitch on Monday.  When Monday came around, the whole class drew numbers to see who would make their pitches this week.  There are about 32 people in the class, so we tried to go 16 and 16.  I drew #6, so I knew I was going that day!  After the first 5 pitches, I went up to do mine.  I'm happy to say that it went very well!  I was confident the whole time, I said everything I needed to say, and I finished it in time!  I got plenty of compliments from my classmates, and my professor also thought I did well!  The few bits of constructive criticism were appreciated!  It felt really good.  We got through a total of 15 pitches this week, so we'll need to try and get 17 in this coming Monday.  After that class was over, I got some lunch.  In How Hollywood Works, we got back to a more typical class.  We started out with our usual weekly discussions (which didn't happen the week before), and then Phil talked to us about more contract stuff.  We learned about the stuff included in contracts for directors, actors, and other positions.  He told us that John Travolta can be very hard to work with!  He said that John's a nice guy, but he can be very demanding.  If the examples Phil gave were true, I can see why!  After we talked about that, we discussed the structures of various places where Hollywood people work.  He gave us quite a bit of information, but we don't have much more to learn - in next week's class, we're going to have the Head of Post Production at Dreamworks as our guest speaker!  That'll be cool!  (Although I figured out he doesn't really work in animation - I was hoping he worked on Shrek and whatnot.)  Once that class was out, I went back to the apartment.  I did some laundry, as I always do on Monday.  Laundry is an annoying thing that never really goes away - now I appreciate my mom doing the laundry a whole lot more!  I can't wait to come back home for the summer and take some time off!  I made myself dinner and did a few other activities.  I don't exactly remember, but I know it wasn't anything productive.  Once I had washed, dried, and folded my laundry, I went out to the hot tub.  After that, I came back to the apartment and eventually went to bed.  On Tuesday, I did some interesting work at Glassman Media.  It seemed like it was going to be a very slow day, but then Andrew Glassman dropped by and gave me a research project.  He wanted me to look up information for a new show he wants to develop.  He had me look up general information and then try to find a good possible host for the show.  I had to call a guy I didn't know at all and ask him for information!  Soon enough, however, I got what I needed.  All that researching stuff took up the better portion of my day there.  After that was over, I went home.  I made dinner and then did ANOTHER load of laundry!  Every once in a while, it builds up to the point where I need to do 2 loads of colors.  I don't exactly remember much about that night, but I do remember the hot tub incident.  I was in the mood for the hot tub the second day in a row, but it didn't work out.  When I left, the one closer to my building had already closed.  The other one is open an hour longer, so I headed for it.  After the journey there, I discovered that half of Los Angeles had the same idea!  There were probably 20-30 people in the hot tub, and I just wasn't going to fit!  I turned right back around and headed home.  I didn't do much else that night.  On Wednesday, my time at Glassman was similar.  I spent the morning doing research and watching YouTube videos related to my assignment.  I managed to collect a whole lot of information!  For the later parts of the day, I covered the front desk and tried to think up titles for the show.  There were hardly any people there, and my supervisor let me go early.  She was getting ready to leave herself!  I walked back to my apartment and made some dinner.  If I had gotten off at my normal time, I wouldn't have had time for dinner before our final New Media field trip!  After I ate dinner, we took off for the Vortex Dome at the Los Angeles Center Studios!  The funny thing is, the Karga Seven offices are at the Los Angeles Center Studios!  I knew exactly where I was!  The Vortex Dome is a 360-degree dome that they use to show short videos and presentations.  (It was more or less an IMAX theater).  There was a lady who told us some stuff about it, and then she showed us several video clips that were made for 360-degree domes.  All of it was cool, but I loved watching the videos the most!  After she was done presenting to us, she let us have a look at the technology.  They have some crazy stuff going on there!  It was a neat field trip!  When it was over, we went home.  It was already after 10:00 when we got back, so I didn't do much afterwards.  On Thursday, I had a good day at Karga Seven.  When I got there, they had me record details on the graphics and maps that showed up during an episode of one of their shows.  Once I got through the whole episode, they had me record all the text in an episode of another show.  There wasn't too much text, so I also got through that whole episode!  After that, I made a final character bio and updated some documents.  After I got home, I went to the convenience store in the south clubhouse to pick up some bread and some hamburger buns.  Once I got to the room, I logged into my Jeopardy! account.  Jeopardy! online testing took place this past week, and Thursday was the only convenient day for me.  After I logged in and prepared for the test, I made a sandwich quickly for dinner.  Just after 8:00, the test began.  Overall, I felt that I did well.  I know the second half of the test was better!  I got questions right throughout the test, but I think I got more right in the second half.  I stumbled a few times, but I did much better than I did when I took the test in high school!  I tried the Teen Tournament test back then, and it was horrifically hard!  Anyway, I'll keep checking my e-mail over the next couple months and see if they want me to audition!  After the test was over, I just relaxed for a while.  However, I actually tried to start one of my final papers that night!  I typed up a good amount, but when I looked at the example papers, I could tell I wasn't doing it exactly the right way.  That's why I didn't spend too much time doing it!  By the way, the Line Producing class that I normally audit didn't meet on Thursday night - the professor is in China!  He had to go on a trip there, and he also won't be back this coming Thursday!  He's going to move class to Friday so he can still make up at least one!  On Friday, it was another nice day at Karga Seven.  The whole day was devoted to working on a final edit report.  Those take an obnoxiously long time to complete!  I didn't finish it after a whole day of work on it, and another lady had already started working on it!  I'm not sure if they'll have me finish it this coming Thursday, but at least I have most of it done!  After I came home, I watched TV and made some dinner.  I hung out with my roommates and a friend for a while.  Some of them went out, so I've been relaxing since then.  I need to do some serious work on Saturday - I want to get a nice start on my final papers, and I have a busy Sunday ahead of me!  I'll be going to a Dodgers game and seeing "The Sound of Music" in a theater for its 50th anniversary re-release!  I really can't believe that the goodbye dinner is in two weeks!

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